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The last time I wrote an article it was to talk about the first book I began to write on WattPad.

Today, I come to do the same for two others books that I started two weeks ago for « Amnésie » ( Amnesia) and few days ago for « À Travers Les Mondes » ( Across The Worlds). The books are connected. « À Travers Les Mondes » ( Across The Worlds ) is a prequel for « Amnésie » ( Amnesia ).

The Story of À Travers Les Mondes (Across The Worlds)

A young woman named Lily Denver has discovered a hidden door in the Denver Family mansion, murdered in 1999.

Met. Friendships. Upheaval. Magic. Macabre Murders and Betrayals will interfere in the adventures of the beautiful Lily.

What would these doors be hiding ?!

Follow the adventures of Lily Denver in “A Travers Les Mondes”.

The Cover of Across The World

The Story of Amnésie (Amnesia)

As soon as she woke up, a young woman, whose identity was unknown to her, found the body of a bloody man in a hotel room next to her.

How did she end up there ?!
Who was he ?!
Did she kill him ?!
If yes, why ?!

But the main question to ask was, who was she ?!

Mysteries. Meeting. Friendships. Magic. Murders. Betrayals and others would allow the young girl to discover how she had landed in this room but also her identity.

You can find them on WattPad. Just click on the title of the two books.

The Cover of Amnesia

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