A New Animation

Hello !!! It's been a while that I didn't write an article here. Today, I finally finally finish an animation that I tought that I never finish it. But here it is. It took me three months to do it. Two months to design and animate and one month to to the retake and do [...]


Hello guys !! Today, I finally finish the animation on Superhero theme. It's in the article and on my social media Youtube Channel Claire Letord. The video is also just under the paragraphe. I hope you will appreciate and enjoy it.   https://youtu.be/vZAjjzJmyek ©Claire Letord    ©Images and videos are not available. Please ask before using [...]

Superheroes Animation Suite

Hello guys !! I don't post a lot of articles on my blog but I post when I have something to share. I still work on the Superheroes anime. There will be a third part and not just two part. There is the second part. Enjoy it ©Images and videos are not available. Please ask [...]

Male Character

Hello guys !! It's been a long time that I didn't post an article here. What I love the most in my passion, it's to draw characters. Always characters. Here it's a male character (that I barely draw) and his emotions. The processus of these character is on my Youtube Channel. The link is under. [...]


Hello guys !! How are you today ? I drew last week differents emotions (sad, happy, anger, doubt, suspicious, horrified, joker, disgust and others) on Photoshop. Image are not available. Please ask me before use it. ♥♥♥ ©MissVickie.Artiste ©ClaireLetord


Hello my friends !! I drew these past few days different haircuts. It did 15 haircuts for a woman. If you are interested on these kind of things, tell me on the comments and I will do it for men. Thank you for your appreciation ♥♥♥   ©Image are not available. Please ask before using  [...]