The second volume of the Saga E L L A takes place in an alternate universe of the fantastic world of Teyvat, linked to the mystical power of Tiwau, seen in the first volume.

This story is a made-up sequel to “Genshin Impact”, featuring locations, characters, stories, monsters, and more, set during and after the events of the game’s main story.


In the fantastic world of Teyvat, a 9th nation, called Talestown, is born. Former Snezhnayien and first follower of the Tsarista, Andrew Tales I possesses the Regyo Divine Eye, a gift that allows you to regenerate.

Popular with its inhabitants, it gains their confidence, in particular, that of Alexander King, a new villager recently settled in the city, and Aurora, a woman with a mysterious past.

Few years and centuries later, after so many adventures and dramas in the city, a woman in her thirties, Elizabeth Tales meets the protagonists T/P Genshin Impact, Paimon and others. But it is the one with her nemesis, Zalia and Sebastian, who will allow her to understand that her existence is not due to chance.

Who is she really ?!

What is she capable of ?!

-> E L L A and The Magic World Of Teyvat

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