This story is a made-up sequel of ” Genshin Impact “, featuring locations, characters, stories, monsters, and more, set during and after the events of the game’s main story.

In the fantastic world of Teyvat, a new nation, named Talestown, is created by Andrew Tales I, a Sneyzhnayien and first faithful of the Tsarista, the Archon of the nation, thus leaving his native town.

Brought up like never before by him for her own personal gain, the Tsarista sends another of her faithful Alexander King to annihilate the happiness of her former protege.

In this new nation, Andrew therefore becomes the Archon whose power is to regenerate. Popular with its inhabitants, it wins the confidence of a man who is none other than the Executor of the Tsarista, recently installed in the city. He meets a woman Aurora, a witch with mysterious powers.

A few years and centuries later, after so many adventures and dramas in the city, a woman in her thirties, Elizabeth Tales meets the protagonists T/P Genshin Impact and Paimon as well as other people whose encounters will turn their lives upside down. his life. But it is the one with her nemesis, Zalia and Sebastian, who will allow her to understand that her existence is not due to chance.

Who is she really?!

What is she capable of?!

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