The Mirror Worlds are not worlds where everything is reversed. No, these are worlds where evil has won and has reigned for decades or, conversely, good wins over the evil in horror movies.

Evil Queen, Tremaine, Gothel, and other Disney villains got the ending they wanted. The princesses were either killed or locked up in a prison where torture is highly tolerated.

But it’s not just them.

Harry Potter passed away with his family when he was just a baby. Since then, Voldemort has conquered his magical world by sowing terror.

The Cullen are the most powerful vampires terrifying their world. Edward, one of the Cullen, has no interest in Bella Swan.

However, Kayako Saeki and her husband spin the perfect love with their son and Samara Morgan grew up becoming a sublime fiancé woman.

Micheal Myers has become a top athlete and Freddy Krueger, a psychologist helping young people in difficulty and police investigation.

But one day, everything could change when Emma Parker, a woman with a heavy past, gets sucked into one of her mirrors.

On the other side, she will have to ally herself and fight to be able to survive in these worlds or else change the situation if she had the power.

Does she have it ?!

It’s up to you to discover it in “Les Mondes Miroirs”


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