After years of suffering for reasons that she doesn’t know, Victoria returns to her hometown, Yensid, to work with Lee Shan, a childhood friend, as well as Anna, her college best friend, before they split up because of their respective studies.

A few days later, an inanimate body, which everybody knows, is found on the biggest mountain in the city, inaccessible and closed to the public for years.

This is Meri Norway, a woman with imposing red hair, a bad temper and a passion for torturing people.

Due to this passion, the police conclude that every person in the town has a reason to kill her but one question remains. Since it was clear the body had not been moved, how did she end up on the top of the mountain?!

The only way to access the mountains had been destroyed years ago and the air route was impossible, due to the freezing cold conditions especially prevalent on this mountain.

The question in everyone’s minds was how did Meri Norway get there and who killed her ?!

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