Shortly after waking up and discovering blood on her hands, a young woman came across the body of a bloody man in a dark room, located in a hotel.

At that time, and much later, thousands of questions will be jostling in her head. Who was this man next to her ?! Did she kill him ?! Why ?! It was the question she was asking herself but also, how she landed in this place ?!

But what was clear is that she had no memory of what happened and who she was.

Her identity was unknown to her.


After a night of horror, the young woman decided to find her lost memory, also her identity and the truth behind all of that. A quest strewn with pitfalls, friendships, betrayals, etc …..


As her adventure progresses, she will discover a lot more than she expected her future, her present but also her past as well the legacy of her family which she don’t remember.

Cover “Un Héritage Familial”