After a Animated Disney made in 2017 included the princesses, I decided during last year in 2019 to made another version but with the vilains of Disney. I started in the middle of December 2019.

The first one was made with just moving the lips with After Effects. Now, I use an application name Rough Animator and use the rotoscopie, a technical artistic cinema where you made frame by frame the line of a real scene in a movie. I’ve seen this technic during my first studie year of Animation 2D.

In this one, I included Raspoutine since Disney bought the society who made Anastasia and those who have not a Princesses Disney movie.

At first one, I wanted to sing all of them but some don’t do it so I included a monologue part.

  1. Evil Queen from Snow White – Talking part
  2. Lady Tremaine from Cinderella – Talking Part
  3. Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty – Talking Part
  4. Ursula from The Little Mermaid – Talking Part
  5. Gaston from Beauty And The Beast – Talking Part
  6. Jafar from Aladdin – Talking Part 
  7. Dr Facilier from Princess And The Frog – Singing Part
  8. Mother Gothel from Rapunzel – Singing Part
  9. Hanz from Frozen – Talking Part 
  10. Tamatoa from Vaiana – Talking Part
  11. Raspoutine from Anastasia – Singing Part
  12. Queen of Heart from Alice In Wonderland – Singing Part
  13.  Frollo – Singing Part 
  14. Cruella Devil from 101 Dalmatiens – Talking Part