E . L . L . A follows the adventures of a young woman in search of the truth in a world where the supernatural advocates. Magic, creatures, spells, and many other things related to this universe.


Billions of years ago in an endless starless universe appeared a black hole whose gender was female. Using powers she didn’t even know existed, she unintentionally made another black hole of the opposite sex appear.

Although she was happy that he was there, she realized, some time later, the horrible mistake she had made. Behind his flirty side, he was very cruel and greedy for powers, desiring those of his partner.

Long after the earth was created by God, the mythical woman decided to dive and hide from him in this planet by creating a supernatural world under the identity of Vayaa, a powerful witch.

However, centuries after being on Earth, this world is split in two, leaving the halves to live quietly without realizing who they really are and what they were capable of doing.


So that was where we met the story of Ella, one of the halves.

When she had just finished her day, late in the evening, Erin Lance, her best friend, arrived without warning her at her workplace.

After a car accident from which they escaped unscathed, the two young women discovered a strange village called “Blacktown”. No sooner had they spent the night there, things got complicated for them.

Mysterious events were taking place in the city, straining Ella’s nerves. Along with this, her dreams were getting stranger and stranger, making her realize that her identity and her life were not what she knew.

Meetings, friendships and betrayals would allow her to know who was on her side and who was not.

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