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MC: Main Character

MSC: Main Secondary Characters

SC: Secondary Characters

A: Antagonist

SMVC: Secondary Main Vilains Characters

AP: Appearance



Elizabeth “Ella” Norringthon (MC) – Performed by Me

Ella is the main character of the story that appears in episode 2 “Ella & Erin”.

She works in a communication agency before stumbling upon a mysterious village with her best friend Erin Lance.

There, strange things happen just like his dreams, which are as bizarre as they are. Yet it reveals dark things about this city so ancient and so dark. She will meet Emilie Donovan, the owner of the “Aubergia”, the city hall, as well as other people like the King of “Blacktown”, the mysterious city, Axlor.

As she advances in this region, in this adventure strewn with strangeness and supernatural, secrets will be unlocked forever.

Elizabeth “Lily” Blaze – (SC then MC) Performed by me

Lily is a secondary character in the story who appears at the end of chapter 21 “From Centuries Gone” and becomes the main character in the last three chapters of this season.

Her life runs parallel to Ella’s, but we don’t follow her. Lily is a reckless and dangerous woman. In everyday life, she is a graphic designer / illustrator for the Architect ‘Design Agency, run by Jeremy Bowsler (portrayed by Hugh Jackman in this world).

Yet she is wanted by the cops to be the Queen of Horror, the one who kills at night. She is forgiving of those who have a pure soul and lets them go. She is therefore a sociopath and has no compassion for her victims except for these.

Towards the end of this season, she discovers a heavy secret which touches her personally which sends her to join the so mysterious city that is Blacktown.

Vayaa (SC / MC / A) – Performed by me

Vayaa is both protagonist and antagonist of the story that appears from the first chapter “Prologue”.

Vayaa, whose real name is Ayaas Varaaviann, is an immortal creature whose powers are endless. She is provocative by nature and loves to hurt people by playing with them, which has become a hobby for her. She meets two men who will make her life in hell. She is disfigured by one of them during a time jump. Her eyes are withdrawn and her mouth is slit up to her ears.

Being a witch in the times of the Middle Ages, she was burnt alive by the other man with whom she had an affair. However, she does not know that she is a mythical creature, Tiwau, of which she is the very first existential thing.



Erin Lance (SC) in Ella Norringthon’s World – Performed by Miley Cyrus

Erin is the play partner and best friend of Ella Norringthon who appears in Chapter 2 “Ella and Erin”.

She’s a rebellious person, playing the tough guys, and having fun. Every week, she changes her guy as she changes her shirt. Her taste for luxury makes her a woman who thinks she is above her. However, she is very far-sighted and often carries a drugstore kit with her. If someone is injured, she heals them.

As soon as she encounters a strange village in the company of Ella, her friendship is endangered and strained, even if it means fighting between her.

Emmy (AP) in World of Lily Blaze – Performed by Miley Cyrus

Emmy is a former best friend of Elizabeth “Lily” Blaze who appears in Chapter 22 “Alex Warr / The Evening of Emmy”.

In this world, she is engaged to half Axlor of Vayaa’s World, Alexander Warr. She helps the latter by offering him preys so that he can feed on the soul. (see the character’s mtc, in progress).

Because of her job and the fact that she crosses paths with them every day, she strongly wishes to become a Soul Eater, a creature who feeds on the human soul by killing her sexual partner in the middle of the act and who lives longer with souls. taken.

So she calls her ex-best friend back for the annual Souls Eaters party to kill her, unaware of who she really was.

Emilie Donovan (SC) only in Ella’s World – Performed by Demi Lovato

Emilie is the owner of the Aubergia in the town of Blacktown which appears in Chapter 3 “Blacktown”.

She quickly becomes friends with Ella and then her best friend. She is very kind and very helpful with everyone. They like her and know what she is worth.

Yet she holds a heavy secret that no one ignores. She is the reincarnation of Emilia, the protective mother of Tiwau before she voluntarily created the World of Vayaa. To protect her from bad things and from Alexander Waar, the mythical man, she moved to this world in the guise of the young girl she was before.

In this world, her name is Emilie and has the power to see into the Future and the Past and to read people’s minds. A supernatural ability that gave her Vayaa who ignores Emilie’s true identity and hers otherwise.

Mìa (SC) only in Ella’s World – Performed by Scarlett Johansson

Mìa is the Greatest Immortal Immortal Priestess and Angel of Death in the World of Ella and Vayaa who appears in chapter 13 “Axlor”.

In these worlds, she is engaged to Dawn, one of Axlor’s best friends, which makes her a friend of Axlor’s. She acts under his orders. She is a nice person who takes care of people in need but most of the time she is lounging on her couch. She doesn’t like people who betray her and wouldn’t like to become like them. Still, she will be forced to play a role like this in Ella’s adventures.

The inheritance of her family makes her a High Priestess but also to be the Angel of Death. With each person who dies, she recovers their soul which extends to her immortal life, which she hates more than anything, especially on innocent and young people, very young.

Destinee / Aya (SC) in Both Worlds – Performed by Madelaine Mantock

Ellya (SC) in Ella and Vayaa’s World – Performed by Poppy Drayton

Ellya is a powerful witch, one of Vayaa’s second and best friends, following her around like a doggie. She has the distinction of having a force as powerful as the Hulk, in superhero movies. She strangles her victims with one hand. Since Vayaa has been disfigured by Mercrior, she can transform her face into this hideous creature, with no eyes and a mouth slit from ear to ear.

Alaxa (AP) in Ella and Vayaa’s World – No performer

Alaxa is a powerful witch, a second and one of Vayaa’s best friends. It has the particularity of turning people into stone statues, like the gorgons of the Greek culture from which it originates. Since Vayaa has been disfigured by Mercrior, she can transform her face into this hideous creature, with no eyes and a mouth slit from ear to ear.

Luna (AP) in Lily’s World – Performed by Bonnie Wright

Luna is one of Elizabeth “Lily” Blaze’s friends. They work together in the company of Jeremy Bowsler the boss of “Architect ‘Design”. A victim of sexual assault on her part, like all the other women in the company, she becomes a bloodthirsty killer when she learns that her colleague and friend Lily is the Queen of Horror.



Raven (SC) in Vayaa’s Two Separate Worlds – Performed by Zac Efron

Ingrid (SC) in Vayaa’s Two Separate Worlds – Performed by Madelaine Pestch

Daniel Winters / Scherman (AP) in Vayaa’s Two Worlds – Performed by Zac Efron

In both worlds, Dan, Daniel’s nickname, is the boyfriend of the halves of Vayaa. He is a man without law and without faith. Deceiver, manipulator, drummer, narcissist and many other things, he makes women fall at his feet. Self-centered as he is, he has no compassion for the women he has been dating for over a week and even less for over a month. Every day, he sleeps from right to left. Later in the next season, Ella and Lily find out that in reality he possesses the guise of the former lovers and conquests of women with whom he has more than a month of relationship, thus explaining why the Raven and Daniel are look alike.

Corine Norringthon (AP) only in Ella’s World – Performed by Alyssa Milano

Corine is Ella’s mother in Ella’s world. Concerned about the well-being of her daughter, she accepts an evening with her that the latter had proposed to her. However the same evening, she dies in a car accident but this death hides something.

J. Bowsler (AP) in Lily’s World – Portrayed by Hugh Jackman

Bowsler is the parton of “Architect ‘Desgin” in Lily’s World. Being the boss of this company, it gives him the power to fire or fire people he doesn’t like or who refuses to sleep with him. He is imbued with himself and lets it know. He later discovers that Lily Blaze is a murderer, thus discovering that she is the Queen of Horror. He doesn’t swing her for fear she’ll kill him.



Axlor (A) in Ella’s World – Performed by Alex O’Loughlin

Alex (A) in Lily’s World – Performed by Alex O’Loughlin

Axlor (A) in Vayaa’s World – Performed by Alex O’Loughlin



Brax / Cam (SMVC) – Performed by Chris Hemsworth

He is Axlor / Alex’s first best friend in Vayaa’s two worlds.

Even though he’s very close to him, Brax is even closer with twins Lay and Lans. Together, they make the four hundred moves and often find themselves embroiled in shady stories that Axlor get them out of trouble.

In Vayaa’s World (and Lily’s), he dated her for several years despite being cursed to love Axlor for all eternity. He is still madly in love with her and despairs of winning her back.

In Ella’s World, he does not know her and had never had any relations with her despite the other worlds connected to her. He has the ability to transform into anything, humans, creatures, objects, trees, animals and insects ect ….

In Lily’s World, he is a member of the “Souls Eaters”, created by his friend, Alex, which makes him the second oldest Soul Eater, with a very but very long life.

Dawn (SMVC) in Vayaa’s Two Separate Worlds – Performed by Chris Evans

He is Axlor / Alex’s second best friend in both Vayaa’s worlds. I

n Ella’s World, he is Mìa Anderson’s fiancé and his particularity is to extend his body to infinity, making him the elastic man as in the ” Fantastic 4 “.

In Lily’s World, he is a member of the “Souls Eaters”, created by his friend Alex, which makes him the third oldest Soul Eater with a very, very long life.

Lay and Lans (SC) – Performed by Tom Hiddleston

Lay and Lans are twins, the first a woman and the second a man. They are friends of Axlor in Ella’s World. Their particularity comes from their condition of birth. They were born at the same time and in the same body. A few minutes after they left their mother, they split in two, in two different sexes to the surprise of the doctors. They can swap places. If they are each on the other side of the world, they can take the other’s place. They can also be duplicated endlessly. On the other hand in Lily’s World, he is only one person, a man, who is a Soul Eater.

Dallya (SC) – Performed by Katrina Law

Dallya is a former girlfriend of Axlor and former best friend of Vayaa in Ella’s World. Despite her old relationship with Axlor, she sides with her, not wanting to reconnect with her past friend. Over the chapters, in the background, it is clear that she is still in love with him and jealous of Ella / Vayaa because the latter only has eyes for her. Its particularity is to be invisible. It is mentioned that she can control her power by making only one part of her body appear. In the future, when their power is increased tenfold, it can make the surrounding environment invisible to an infinite diameter.

Manny (SC) – Performed by Robert Downey Junior

Manny or known as “Man” is a friend of Axlor in the two separate worlds of Vayaa. He has a father son relationship with Axlor / Alex. Their age difference means that he gives Axlor / Alex a lot of advice on getting him back on track, which often happens. He is often called by the latter when he is in trouble. In Ella’s World, his particularity helps him a lot to get him out of his way. He controls the natural elements and can transform his body into these elements. In Lily’s World, he is a Soul Eater.

Matthew and Gabriel (AP) – Performed by Matthew Bomer and Cohen

Matt and Gabs, their nicknames, are Axlor’s old childhood friends. They only appearing in the episode “Axlor” in Ella’s World. Their particularities are not indicated.



Mercrior (SMVC) in Ella and Vayaa’s World – Performed by Hugh Jackman

Calix (SC) in Ella’s World – Performed by Jensen Ackles

Calix ” Cal’ ” is one of the brothers, the eldest of two adoptives, Axlor in the World of Ella and Vayaa. Their father, Mercrior, adopted Axlor when he was already an adult. He never accepted it into the family and blame it on their father’s death, his relationship with Vayaa was the cause. Just like him, he has a series of conquests. Its peculiarity is not mentioned.

Cassidy (SC) in Ella’s World – Performed by Jared Padalecki Cassidy

“Cass” is one of the brothers, the youngest of two adoptives, Axlor in the World of Ella and Vaya. Their father, Mercrior, adopted Axlor when he was already an adult. Unlike his brother, he has accepted Axlor and truly considers him a brother. They both get closer when their father dies. However, things change between them when years later he has to burn his girlfriend, Alaxa, alive under the orders of his brother Axlor who stood up against Vayaa and his henchmen. Its particularity is to cause earthquakes by opening the ground where lava comes out.

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