Meet The Character presents the different characters of the story who will appear as the chapters progress.

MC : Main Character / Protagonist

AG : Antagonist

S : Secondary

Andrew Tales (MC)

Andrew is the main protagonist of the story in the prequel ” Dans Les Temps Ancient Times”.

He is a descendant of the Tales who founded the Taletown nation in Teyvat country. A strange phenomenon occurs in this family. The mate is still a witch starting with an A and giving birth to a boy, called Andrew, who has had the same physique over the centuries.

He is therefore the Archon Renaissance by virtue of his powers which give him resuscitation and regeneration.

Aurora (MC)

Aurora is the first main character to appear alongside Andrew Tales, protagonist in the first part of the book. She does not have a last name.

She is a powerful witch whose powers are unknown. Despite the fact that magic has been a part of her family for a long time, she refuses to use these powers for personal gain except in extreme emergencies. She will later meet Andrew Tales and Alexander King unaware that they come from strange phenomenon families.

Alexander King (MC puis AG) – Interpreted by Alex O’Loughlin

Alexander King is the second main character who appears alongside Andrew Tales, protagonist in the first part of the book.

He comes from a wealthy family, just like the Tales family of which they are friends. The Tales curse is repeated here with the difference that the companion is not a witch. She gives birth to a boy named Alexander, whose physique resembles his predecessor, and falls in love with Andrew’s partner. He becomes a bloodthirsty murderer after his lifelong obsession marries his friend.

Alana Wilde (AG)

Alana Wilde is a mysterious woman who arrives later in the story.

Like Aurora, she is a witch with powerful but above all dangerous powers. She is a woman with bad intentions and can turn out to be very clever when needed. She meets Alexander King with whom she will become a partner. Obsessed with him, she will do anything to get him what he wants.

It is important not to make her angry

Elizabeth Tales (S puis MC) – Interpreted by me

Elizabeth Tales is the daughter of Andrew Tales and Aurora. She appears as a baby in chapter 4 “Dans Les Temps Anciens”.

She possesses a powerful frightening magic thus defying the laws of gravity. Because of this, these powers were taken away from her so that she would not hurt anyone but especially herself, without remembering that she had any. She works for the Wilde family before rebelling and gaining independence.

This is when something strange happens.

From the 1st chapter of “110 years later, in the year 2022”, she becomes the protagonist of the story.

Aurora (S)

Aurora is a young woman who comes to the aid of Elizabeth in the last chapter of “Dans Les Temps Anciens”. Unlike Aurora, Elizabeth’s mother, her last name is unknown.

She’s a shy girl who blushes whenever someone talks to her. Yet she is friends with two other women, Ella Cender and Snowie White. They are together all the time. After meeting Elizabeth, she gains self-confidence and becomes a source of inspiration for most of the townspeople.

Snowie White (S)

Snowie is a young woman who comes to the aid of Elizabeth in the last chapter of “Dans Les Temps Anciens”.

She is a woman with a strong character and who does not have her tongue in her pocket. She always wears a beret on her head and is always so well dressed. She is friends with Aurora and Ella Cender. After meeting Elizabeth, she softened. Her relationship with her is ambiguous. She is at the same time friends with her but she is nevertheless jealous of it.

Ella Cender (S)

Ella is a young woman who comes to the aid of Elizabeth in the last chapter of “Dans Les Temps Anciens”.

She is a girl who has a character resembling of the one of Aurora and Snowie whom she is friends with. Even though all three are pretty, Ella is the most desired at the expense of others. Her beauty is unparalleled, all men are at her feet, which makes her very uncomfortable. She can be self-centered at times but also spends her well-being on helping people in need. Her passion for art and makeup makes her the most followed person in town.

She is secretly in love with Elizabeth. She does not know, however, that everyone is aware even the concerned one.

Belle (S)

Belle is a young woman who comes to the aid of Elizabeth Tales during the chapter “Un siècle plus tard “.

She is the most beautiful woman in the world, which is ironic given her first name. Despite this beauty which she did not want, she is chased by men. Fortunately for her, they are also under the spell of Ella, which leaves her alone.

Apart from that, Belle has an all-consuming passion for books and spends most of her time and life in the library. She now writes science fiction and fantasy books. She met, in the only chapter in which she appears for now, Elizabeth who asked her for helping her to undo the spell that hangs over the city with her literary skills.

Paimon (S)

Paimon is the Traveler’s companion, as in the game, which appears in chapter 9 “Voyage vers d’autres contrés “. She later becomes Elizabeth’s companion when the latter decides to understand and know where she comes from and who she really is.

She is a small person who floats in the air. Like everyone else, she has a passion and this is food. She could eat it all. She will find at Elizabeth’s a friend with whom she can share her passion food. As the story unfolds, she will befriend Elizabeth and hate anyone to hurt her, uncovering awesome powers that everyone was unaware of.

Traveler (S)

The Traveler comes from a different world from humans with his/her sibling before being separated from an Unknown God. He/She appears at the same time as Paimon in chapter 9 “Voyage vers d’autres contrés”.

In the present time, the Traveler found his/her sibling. Yet the latter is still on the head of the Order’s Abyss, thus controlling all monsters. The wars have ended and the two fraternal twins are reunited to have a good time together.

Unfortunately, it all starts all over again when a mysterious powerful force, far more powerful than the Traveler’s, comes out of nowhere. The latter will be at Elizabeth’s side, accompanied by Paimon, to understand and find out what is happening.

Jean (S)

Jean is the Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. She appears in episode 4 “Le Mariage des Tales et la naissance de leur enfant “.

She works hard to keep the peace in the City of Liberty, Mondstadt. She is dedicated to her work, to the detriment of her life. She prefers to save her country which she cares about and refuses to relax. She finds it self-centered.

However, everything will change with the arrival of Elizabeth in her life. At first she thought of her as a sister but that quickly changes into something deeper.

Lisa (AG)

Lisa is a powerful electric witch who serves and seconds Zalia, the antagonist, appearing in Chapter 4 “In Ancient Times”.

Before meeting her, she worked in the Knights of Favonius library and knew what to do when something bothered her or someone did harm. She can’t stand people hurting her books, which are her precious objects.

However, her meeting with Zalia radically changes her life as well as her perception of the future. Now her lover, she helps her sweetheart in Zandra, a nation created by her. Today she uses her magic for personal gain and will pose as a spy in her former city and nation, Mondstadt

Zalia (AG)

Zalia is a young woman who arrives in “The Last Descendant Of The Tales” at the end of chapter 10 “Mondstadt, The Anemo City of Teyvat”.

She is the Antagonist as soon as she enters the story by attacking Elizabeth, Venti, Dliuc, Kaeya, Jean, Lisa, Le Voyageur and Paimon alongside Dvalin, again bewitched by the beauty. She is a woman with a strong character who should not be offended.

From her troubling past, she is a creature with more than powerful powers compared to those who possess the Divine Eye. After a traumatic moment in her life, she becomes the Archon of Zandra, a nation and then a land of terror and murder, which she created with her own hands.

Today, she intends to make the Gods pay, including the 7 Archons of Teyvat, to reduce the country to ashes. Her reasons are mentioned in a chapter dedicated to her “The Past of Zalia, Enemy Number 1”

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