Elizabeth Tales is a cheerful, caring, considerate person. Despite her strong character, she helps everyone around her. Armed with her friends, she leads her life as she sees fit and never lets anyone tell her otherwise. She seems normal to you at first glance but in reality she inherited very powerful powers from her family.

Elizabeth is, in spite of herself, the last descendant of her Tales family and will have to accept the responsibilities that this endures.


But many thousands of centuries before her existence, in the world of Tevyat, a man left his Snezhnaya nation to travel through the regions of the country. Possessing great power himself, he becomes the 8th Archon of the country by creating his own nation, Taletown, under his own rules.

Over the centuries, the descendant of this man, Andrew Tales I, is formed under a strange phenomenon. Their wife is a powerful witch whose first name begins with A and who gives birth to a boy, called Andrew growing up with the same physique as the one before.

Despite this spell, Elizabeth was born and grew as she met her with Alana Wilde who would turn out to be her nemesis as well as Alexander King, a friend of her parents. While she was living perfectly well, an incident takes place and places the young woman in a mysterious sleep that will elapse until the present day, precisely in 2022.

When she wakes up, the world is not as before and she will have to adapt to this new environment just like her powers that have just emerged.

Will she manage to overcome all of this or will she sink with all these responsibilities ?!

To find out, come and follow the history of the Tales family, divided into several parts.

The first is “Dans Les Temps Anciens”, a prequel to the initial story.

The second is “Le Réveil”, a passage to the initial story.