Living on earth for decades, Tiwau discovers that she has no parents or siblings, which makes her sad. Just thinking about it, worlds are created by her subconscious and give her several ties of kinship.

Season 1 – The Reign Twins

In an unnamed village, the Hamilton family is at the head of the village which has at its center a very old magic tree called Magma Magnus. Since then, the city has been populated by supernatural beings, some of whom are forever transformed into dangerous monsters … or not.

In this family, Grant, the father, is the mayor of the village and the greatest wizard of all but his character leaves something to be desired when he declares a new law concerning the non-supernatural. Either he drives them out of the village or he kills them.

Many years later, the famous Reign Twins rule the world with their company, the Reign Tower. Known to be the oldest creatures in the supernatural world, they provided to the new magical beings a stable life in the midst of the human world.

On vacation at Weston Village & Beach, Ella and Ellis Reign take advantage of the good weather and the city to rest after years of tireless work. Unfortunately for them, a bad omen looms over the twins, who will see their lives turned about upside down forever.

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