Willtown / Secrets & Mysteries takes place in a world provided with magic since a millennium, but it has not existed for several years for reasons that we don’t know. Even the 90 billion inhabitants of the planet cannot remember it.


In the fictional town of Willtown, Commander Alex Handson runs the Wilson & Handson Co business Since the last Wilson family died 35 years ago and his father abandonned his post, Alex became director of the company before to take, today, all the company shares, including the Wilson.

For this to be done, he must sign a document that would allow the shares to be transferred to him. So he asks Jordan Chase, a lawyer specializing in this kind of request, to give it to the Confrerie des Entreprises, named C.E.

However, a strange event means that the signature is no longer valid. After having tried several times to deliver this said document, Jordan calls on Crazy V, a woman with a strong character and very well known all over the world to work on investigations like this one, strange and mysterious.

While Alex Handson is engaged, his reunion with Crazy V will upset him and take him to a world he never expected. Accompanied by several people, he finds, despite himself, plunged into a whirlwind of secrets, mysteries and revelations.

Will he face this reality that escapes him more and more or will he hide in the life he has built after years of sleeping ?!

This book, focused on the supernatural, includes erotic scenes, physical and sexual violence, mutilation, suicides and other sensitive topics.

Some of the characters are taken from several series, including the main secondary ones which come from the two series of Charmed 1998 and 2018.