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Meet The Character presents the different characters of the story who will appear as the chapters progress.

MC: Main Character / Protagonist

A: Antagonist

S: Secondary

Commander Alexander Handson (MC) – Performed by Alex O’Loughlin

Alexander Handson, nicknamed “Handsome” by his ex Crazy V, is the first main character to appear in Chapter 2 “Prologue”.

He is the strongest and most feared Commander of all. His techniques made him a strong man, however some come from the famous Crazy V, unaware that it was his ex.

For more than 20 years, he has worked for the company Wilson & Handson Co, of which he is the last descendant of one of the founders, with his long-time friend Cole Turner whose secret he knows but refuses the world his friend described.

After Wilson’s death over 10 years ago, he became the director of the company directing all activities and affairs of the company. Over the years, he finally manages to build a team that is his family. He decides to get engaged with one of his employees, Iris Kausher, whom he experiences.

Yet his life risks taking a different turn when he finds himself confronted with his past with the reappearance of his ex Victoria, whom he discovers to be the famous and dreaded Crazy V businesswoman.

Crazy V (MC) – Performed by myself

Crazy V, whose real name is Victoria, is the second main character in the story that appears in chapter 3 “Crazy V”, which is dedicated to her.

From her tumultuous and painful past, she has become a dangerous woman. She works and is the head of the S.M.R company whose names mean Secrets Mysteries Requests, which she founded herself with the help of Shay. Fatal woman and having a certain taste for luxury, she knows how to use her charms to get what she wants, especially with her requests, most of which are strange and inexplicable.

Back in the city of Willtown, she will reconnect with her ex Commander Alex Handson, whom she nicknames “Handsome”, during a very mysterious quest that will take her to a world she did not expect. not and that will leave her in shock. She delegates her leadership position to her right arm, Shay, because she is on the verge of breaking down and burnout.

Cole Turner (S) – Performed by Julian McMahon

Cole Turner is a longtime friend of Commander Alex Handson, appearing alongside the latter in the “Prologue” chapter.

Cole is the attorney at Wilson & Handson Co, so working daily with his friend, Alexander. He also helps him with other tasks that the company is preparing. The two bicker all day long, leaving each other spikes. He supports Alex drop by drop in the choices he makes despite his disagreement. He does not carry in his heart Iris Kausher, the companion then fiancée of Alex, preferring his ex Victoria to him with whom he had an affair with.

But before that, Cole is above all a former half-demon, half-human, named Balthazar. He had in the past to destroy the Halliwell sisters to bring down the Power of Three, sponsored by Source through the Triad. But her human side turned the mission upside down by falling in love with one of the sisters, the youngest Phoebe Halliwell, before getting married. But today, as the normally magical world has become normal, it does not have, like most supernatural beings, whether evil or not, more fantastic powers than it had before.

The reappearance of Crazy V in the city of Willtown and in the life of his friend Alex will accompany him on a quest far more complex than it seems. A secret will overturn the whole of the whole country, of which he will be the first to discover it.

Shay (S) – Performed by Shannen Doherty

Shay is the right hand woman of Victoria, aka Crazy V, appearing in Chapter 4 “The Six Charmed”.

V and her set up together the S.M.R company, which stands for Secrets Mysteries Requests, whose goal is to solve the strangest and most inexplicable cases around the world, which got them to walk it.

Even if V takes care of it, it’s more Shay who finds him the good ones, the best mysterious deals. Not only is she his right-hand man, but she’s also like a mother to V. They live together in the biggest house in town. Yet Shay hides part of her life from her but also her past, which often leads to arguments because for V, she does not trust him enough to tell her about it. She is now the head of S.M.R after V decides to take time for her and rest.

* spoiler alert *

Shay is actually Prue Halliwell who survived Shax’s attack. Her sisters, believing that she is deceased, take up the torch of the Power of Three with their half-sister Paige Matthews, from the relationship between Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder. Not wanting to encumber them and preferring to finally live her life as she wanted, she left them to fight against the dark forces. Much later, she meets V and subsequently becomes close.

Abby (S) – Performed by Poppy Drayton

Abby, whose real name is Abigael Jameson-Caine, is one of the first founders of the company “The Six Charmed” but also a long-time acquaintance of Crazy V, appearing in chapter 2 “Crazy V”.

She is half-demon half-witch by her parents and used, before the magic was dissipated in this world, her powers in order to rule on earth over all humans and creatures that live here.

Now that the world is normal, Abigael works within the company “The Six Charmed”, founded by the two generations of the Power of Three with their protector, the whitelighters and at times Cole Turner.

While she was supposed to fight against the Power of Three of her generation, the Vera sisters, she falls madly in love with one of the sisters and is now dating her.

However, her personal life may suffer when she finds an old knowledge of the past. She will be troubled by his return and at the same time her past feelings for this acquaintance.

Iris (S/A) – Performed by Candice Patton

Iris Kausher, whose real last name is Rotham, is the fiancée of Commander Alexander Handson, his boss, appearing in Chapter 2 “Prologue”.

She has worked with Wilson & Handson Co for over 3 years, researching data on people whether or not they are involved in criminal cases. She gets closer to her boss by helping him turn the page on his sexual past. Over time, she falls in love with him until she is his fiancée.

However, things get complicated between them when Crazy V one day arrives in the company for a strange investigation that Alex is working on. This was how she discovered that this woman, well known to be the most dangerous and formidable woman, that it was her fiancé’s ex.

Throughout the story, secrets are revealed concerning Alex, Crazy V but also Iris whose engagement is faltering.

* spoiler alert *

Iris is the sister of Ryan Rotham, a dangerous criminal. Both are the villains of the story and are actually very powerful demons who want the world to be magical again using Alexander. In the end, they want evil to win out and rule the whole country, just like the demons.

Ryan Rotham (A) – Performer by Zac Efron

Ryan Rotham is the antagonist of the story which will appear in chapter 11 “Iris’s Doubtful Past” but which is mentioned in the other chapters.

He is a dangerous criminal for inflicting excruciating pain on Victoria in the past, before she became the woman she is today. Obsessed with her, he made her see all the colors and abused her. Currently, he is in prison, tied to chains and with his hands inside boxes.

However, he will succeed by some miracle in getting out of prison since he will return to Willtown to continue persecuting Crazy V.

* spoiler alert *

Ryan is a powerful demon who wants to rule the world whether it is magical or not, although he would have preferred the first option either. He can count on the support of his sister, Iris Kausher, who is on a mission to make one of the world’s magical powerful families theirs.

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