“Voyage à Paris” (Restaurant Pierre Sang Boyer)

Hello guys !!

Welcome back for a new article. It’s was at the beginning of July that I went to take a walk in Paris. We had a reservation at Pierre Sang, a finalist of Top Chef of the 2011 edition.

                                            ⋅ Pierre Sang Boyer ⋅                                         ⋅ One of his restaurant in Paris ⋅

IMG_9244For the Menu, we had :

⋅ a apperitif  “Guacamole with octopus”

• Guacamole

• Octopus

• Beans

• Maïs



IMG_9247            ⋅ a entrance “Fish with brocoli & eggplant purée”

• Merlan

• Brocoli

• Eggplant purée

• Salt & Pepper




⋅ a plat “Duck with cabbage & carrot purée”

• Duck

• Cabbage

• Carrot Purée

• Radis

• Chili Sauce


We had a cheese plate but I didn’t take a photo. It was delicious; Every think was delicious.


IMG_9249a first desert ” Strawberry icecream with fruits”

• Strawberry Icecream

• Blueberrys

• Cherries

• Caramelized Plate



⋅ an another desert IMG_9251Icecream with biscuits”

• Icecream (i don’t remember )

• Biscuits

• Twigs of plant

• Caramelized Plate

• Peach

• Nuts


So voilà. Like I said before, that was very very delicious except the aperitif (I am not a guacamole fan) :).

Tomorrow, I will post an article what we did after the restaurant.


I hope you will enjoyed this article and until tomorrow for the second part. 🙂

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