Hello !!

If you are interested about my style and wants a portrait for you, family or friends, you are on the right page. The commisions are open.

For those who don’t know what it is, it’s for unprofessional artist who is paid by the client, you.

Prices depending on what you desire :


Portrait – Half Body – Full body

For a couple or a group illustration, you have to add for each person. The price is the same for the portrait, half body and full body.


The background is included

+ 100 €

How is this working ?

Well, you have to send me a picture of you or the person you want me to draw. Multiples will be nice. Then, I see if I can draw it. I will sketch and send to you by email to see if it’s ok for you. Just one time. When it’s done, I will send to you email.

My signature will be included. Do not take it off !!

Where do I contact you ?

You can contact me at victoria.l@victorialproduction, on private messages on Instagram and on the website contact.


The payment is only on Paypal.

Voilà. Don’t hesitate contact me for other thinks

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