Hello !!

If you are interested in my style and want a portrait for yourself, family or friends, you are on the right page. The commissions are open.

Prices depend on what you desire :


Portrait – Half Body – Full body


The background is included

+ 100 €

How does this work ?

I will need a good quality photo ( several photos would be better) of you or the person you want me to draw. I will make a rough sketch which I will send to you by email (once only) for your approval. I will send the final version to you by email.

My signature will be included. Please do not remove it.

Where do I contact you ?

You can contact me at victoria.l@victorialproduction, on private messages on Instagram and on the website contact.


The payment is only on Paypal.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or for further information

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